The Butler Did It!

When it comes to solving murder mysteries, it’s always the one you least suspect!  Aug. 2013

The Plight Before Christmas

A Melodrama/comedic twist on the Charles Dickens classic tale "A Christmas Carol" Dec. 2013

How The West Was Fun

Saturday April 26th 7pm          &Sunday April 27th 3pm


Majestic Theater (Downtown Eureka)


$5.00 All Ages/Tickets At The Door

Curley and Lobo stop by the dance hall for some sarsaparilla served by the loveliest girls in the West. Poor Curley falls in love with the beautiful Miss Lilly only to discover that she's to marry Sergeant Terwilliger. He sells his gun, his saddle, and woefully, even his horse, to buy some guaranteed love potion from Princess Grinning Fox. He slips it into the sarsaparilla - and boy, does it work. Suddenly all the girls are in love with our hero. A thoroughly modern western that's a riot of laughs from sunup to sundown.


Auditions - Tuesday March 11th 2014  7 pm (Majestic Theater)


Performances - Saturday April 26th 7 pm & Sunday April 27th 3 pm

Rated PG-13

Dead to the Last Drop

Dead to the Last Drop is a hilarious interactive murder mystery that takes place in a coffeehouse and bookstore called “Café Caffeine.” The crazy cast of characters leads the audience through a maze of funny twists and turns. Opportunities for audience and cast interaction reach a peak when the audience is allowed to vote on the ending that they want to hear! There are four possible killers and four possible endings!

Majestic Theatre

(Downtown Eureka)


Tickets at the Door $5.00


Friday October 24th 8:00 PM

Saturday October 25th 8:00 PM


Sunday October 26th Matinee 3:00 PM

Suspense, murder and crackling humor. It combines all the elements necessary for an auspicious production: action, gun play, intrigue and a touch of the supernatural in a picturesque setting-a long-deserted stagecoach station on the Arizona-Mexican border.

Majestic Theatre

(Downtown Eureka)


Tickets at the Door $5.00


Saturday April 25th 7:00 PM


Sunday April 26th  Matinee 3:00 PM


Ghost Road


Lurking on the Railroad

(or Will She Give Him a Wide Berth?)

A Melodrama with Music


Dutton Foster

Music by Ray Hannisian and Lee Stametz

Majestic Theatre

(Downtown Eureka)


Tickets at the Door

Adults: $7.00

children: $5.00


Thursday April 28th 7:00 PM

Friday April 29th 7:00 PM

Saturday April 30th 7:00 PM


Sunday May 1st  Matinee 3:00 PM


Here's a musical melodrama which soars and sparkles with fun and excitement. The days of the Treasure Mountain and Pacific are numbered unless Iron Annie Archbar and the boys can curb the disasters which plague their beloved railroad. Into town aboard his private Pullman car rides Sir Nigel Nash-Narkington, ready to acquire the TM&P by fair means or foul, along with any available mountain maiden he can lay hands on. Soon he and his sidekick Sleaze are ready to sabotage the railroad, throw his ex-girlfriend, the Countess Von Tostic, into Bottomless Gorge, and ruin the gullible young Euphemia who has fallen for his British veneer. Only Euphemia's little, unappreciated sister Billy sees the truth, but no one ever listens to Billy. With the help of Tommy Tao, the resident Oriental philosopher and track maintainer, and Willard Winwright, a dashing young engineer who captures Billy's girlish heart, the unlikely forces of good prevail. As village "girl-who-can't-say-no" Carrie On finds her destiny and Scruples, Sir Nigel's butler, makes a choice for the Right, the action builds to a hair-raising finale.

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